In order for you to be healthy and keep in good shape, you need to not just eat right, but exercise well also. A good gym is hard to find which is why we've sweated our way through the city to bring you the very best Ibadan has to offer. 

Carlton Gate 

This gym is located at the Carlton gate hotel in Idi-ape. It is attractive and well equipped with weights, dumbbells and more for whatever workout you want to try out. It is a highly rated destination among fitness enthusiasts in the city thanks to its impeccably high standards.


Another well maintained hotel gym, this time it’s the revered Kakanfo located at Ring-Road. This one is a particularly relaxed spot as far as gyms go. The exercise area itself is crammed with a couple of dozen new machines, and the entire gymnasium is generally well designed and planned out.

University of Ibadan Sport Centre

The premier university is home to a sports center with a well equipped gym and a number of trainers to help supervise workouts. Although the gym is at the rough-and-ready end of the spectrum but is more spacious than other options in town. You can register for any workout of your choice from squats to body building.

Bayse One

A smart set-up with plenty of functional equipment of all types, Bayse One (located at Bayse One gym at Jericho) is a great choice if you are around Jericho.

Owu Crown 

The Iwo-Road side of town has a surprising lack of gyms. Owu Crown gym at Monotan is an attempt to correct this imbalance. This gym, a part of the highly rated hotel which opened in early 2000s, is a seriously trendy offering.


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