Yinka Adeleke is the owner of Face2Face Print Shop located inside Providence Court near the Mokola central business district. He is an artist, entrepreneur, pastor, and visionary whose passion for innovation and excellence was responsible for the establishment of the first Direct Imaging printing press in the city of Ibadan.

How did you get into graphics and printing?

As an individual, I always had an interest in art which was what led me to graphics designing and printing in the first place. During my days at the university, I was the one in charge of all the print jobs in my fellowship which was how I got interested. I had a guy who used to design for me but one day he couldn’t make the appointment so I had no choice but to design the job myself and that was how it started.

How old is Face2Face?

Face2Face in Ibadan was fully registered in 2006 but I didn’t have an office back then. I remember that I started without any capital. I usually got jobs through phone calls, and when people call to ask for my office, I would fix an appointment at a nearby eatery instead. I did that until 2008 when I eventually got my first office space in Bodija.

What gave you the idea for starting a direct imaging press?

In 2010, I became upset with the level of printing in Ibadan. It was around the time Direct Imaging printing was gathering momentum and so after consulting with a few people, I decided to start the first direct image printing press in Ibadan.

What is your philosophy in business?

I try to offer excellent services at the cheapest price possible. I always want my customers to succeed because I believe that their success is mine as well.

Do you think the current economic situation is favorable for startups in the country?

Despite the struggling economy, some people are thriving very well in their business. I believe that once you can provide excellent goods and services to the people, you will always be in the market.

As an artist, what is the latest project on your plate?

At the moment I am working on an NGO project to enlighten secondary school students about the effects of climate change.

What do you love about Ibadan?

There is less stress in Ibadan and Ibadan is comfortable. More so Ibadan is still virgin in terms of innovation and ideas.

What do you hate about Ibadan?

Ibadan people want quality products but they are not ready to pay for them.

Where is your favourite Amala spot in Ibadan?

Ose Olohun Food Canteen (Skye Lolo)

How do you relax in the city?

Even though I love to stay with my family, I do visit the cinema at Ventura (Samonda).

Which artist inspires you the most?

Carlos Pacheco! I love the way he captures his characters and tells his story.

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