“We don’t want you to think of Palms only when you think of Shoprite. For us we want to present an experience.”

Patrick Chinedu

Patrick Chinedu’s journey to Ibadan was destined to be. His management of Palms since his arrival has made the mall the go-to place for any and everything you’re looking for in Ibadan. His determination to enlarge Palms influence in Ibadan is inspirational.  As the current center manager of the biggest shopping mall in Ibadan, Patrick’s confidence in the Palms vision is electric and contagious.

What ties you to Ibadan?

I’m currently the center manager of Palms, the biggest shopping mall in Ibadan. That’s basically what brought me to Ibadan. And so far I’ve enjoyed the city.

Speaking of experience, what is your educational background?

I have a first degree in Accounting from the University of Nigeria. And a second degree in Financial Management from the University of Hull in the UK.

So how does the Palms mall compare to other malls across the country?

We don’t want you to think of Palms only when you think of Shoprite. For us, we want to present an experience. Come to Palms Shopping Mall when you think of hairdressing, you can walk into any of our shops if you want to dress up, you can use any of our shops to acquire your accessories. There’s an entertainment center, there’s a playgroup where your kids can play. It’s not just about walking into Shoprite picking up your bread and going home. It’s a center where you can actually spend your whole day and not get bored. That’s what we are bringing to Ibadan.

What are the plans to jazz up the mall even further this year?

2016 for us has started on a high. We were involved in one of the biggest comedy show Ibadan has ever seen, Laffmattaz. The family funfair during the long holiday is coming up and by the way during St. Valentine’s Day, Palms also put up their own show.  We are also planning for part 2 of our annual Palms event “The Palms Experience” concert; we had one last year and it was massive. Admission is free. Last year we had Falz the bahdguy and a lot of Ibadan artists. The aim is for people to just come and have fun.

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