“We see them as our own children, we don’t label them, and we find a way to get to them. You see, when you show love, people know, and the children know that we love them. That sets us apart. “

Taiwo Owoeye

Mrs. Taiwo Owoeye is a very principled woman of passion and vision. Her humility, consistency, passion, dedication and strive for perfection has made her various businesses in partnership with her husband the very example of success at its finest. Both educationists, their love for children and books has led them to have two of the finest educational institutions in the country, in addition to a very successful printing and publishing business that has been around for some 20 years. She is a focused, driven and supportive woman and wife and an absolute inspiration to many.

What is your name?

My name is Mrs. Taiwo Tolulope Owoeye.

What is your educational background?

My primary education was at Mary Hill Convent School here in Ibadan. I went to Queens School Ibadan for my ‘O’ levels, the International School, University of Ibadan for a year of ‘A’ levels, the University of Ife for my 1st degree and the University of Ibadan for a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science.

What motivated your love for education?

My husband. He loves education and loves interacting with students. He founded both the secondary school and the university. While I was working at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), he asked me to help him to manage the secondary school and the printing press, so I resigned and joined him. I know the kind of school I want my child to attend and having attended good schools myself, I decided Lead City High School had to be a school I could be proud of. I don’t cut corners when it comes to work and I’m celebrated wherever I work, I put in my best to build a school that I can identify with, that I can be proud of and that I can trust my children to attend. In a nutshell, Lead City High is my husband’s vision. I just helping him to manage it.

Was it difficult leaving your job to start this new venture with your husband?

To be honest, I do prefer the publishing and printing part, in fact at the moment, I am consulting for IITA.  But like I said, whatever I do, I do well and I do love children and realize that God has put their lives in our hands. Having a school is an awesome responsibility.  As a Christian, I believe that one day, God will ask me about those lives that were in my charge. Again it is good to know that you’re molding lives. At Lead City High we believe in molding the whole child. We are interested in the child’s spiritual development and also teach soft skills that are needed for children to be self-confident.  We also let our children engage in a variety of sports as we believe that education extends beyond the classroom.

What sets Lead City apart?

We pride ourselves in being a child-friendly school. Our admission process includes a written exam and an oral interview. Experience has shown that our current students refer their friends to us and even our alumni visit regularly because they know we care. We see the students as our own children. We don’t label them, and we find a way to get to them. Our students know that we genuinely care. That sets us apart.

Can you tell us a little more about your publishing and printing company?

Our publishing and printing company is called College Press. We do jobs for anyone who requires our services.

How long has the printing press been running?

It is older than the school; my husband established it while he was a university lecturer. At that time, books published in Nigeria were not easily available overseas, so he founded College Press to help to bridge this gap. The Press is about 20 years old and even though I did not work with him initially, I knew I was going to join him at some point.

For people who want to go into education what would be your advice to them?

You must have an interest in what you’re doing and love what you do. This will be a great help when you have challenges. You should also be committed and give it your all. Education is capital intensive and is not an area you venture into lightly as lives are involved.

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