Laidback, hip, and casual. No three words better describe Latitude Cafe & Lounge.  The lounge is located inside the Ventura Mall at Samonda and it has a spacious outside terrace overlooking the front of the mall, a chill interior, and one of the best menus, one that keeps both locals and visitors coming back week after week.

"If you want to have a good time, come to Latitude”

Oluwaseyi Olalekan

When Oluwaseyi Olalekan, the 27-year-old manager of Latitude Café and Lounge was asked what sets his enterprise aside from the plethora of competition that seems to be multiplying every second, he uttered those words, not as a boastful advertisement for his establishment but rather the simple truth of what Latitude has evolved into. A place to have fun….

For those who understand the nightlife scene in Ibadan, these eleven words are about as simple enough to understand and believe. Ibadan is growing exponentially in every area, nightlife inclusive, and this means that every lounge, bar and beer parlour is being forced to re-evaluate and define what makes them different from their counterparts.

In its short eighteen months existence, Latitude has grown to be one of the choicest destinations in the city surpassing expectations from all quarters. The café is well known for an impeccable menu that contains mouthwatering delicacies, both local and intercontinental, its ever relaxed atmosphere which has continued to attract the hipsters and when the lounge switches to party mode, there usually is no stopping that party.

For Oluwaseyi, this is what living a dream looks like. From his younger days back in Lagos, the young manager dreamt of running a nightlife spot with his brother who happens to be the proprietor of the popular joint. Before spending four years at Bowen University obtaining a degree in Banking and Finance, Oluwaseyi and his brother were already a team.

“We had this thing going way back from when I was in secondary school called  Audio Nigeria Multimedia. We would go out every Friday night and just cover events and host red carpets, so for us, the entertainment angle has always existed.”

While Latitude has indeed come in leaps and bounds in its short stint, Oluwaseyi believes that the lounge has only begun to show the proverbial tip of the iceberg and there is much yet to be seen. He believes that in his brother, the lounge’s management is in good hands and when quizzed about rising competition, he likens it to the Nigerian educational sector, “What we are doing here cannot be compared elsewhere. Even among private universities, there are the ones that are okay and then there are the really good ones.”

Another thing that has set Latitude apart has been their judicious use of publicity coupled with trend making abilities. Last year, the lounge gained intercontinental fame as the first lounge to use hoverboards to wait on their customers. It is innovative publicity stunts such as this, that has catapulted Latitude to the summit of the food chain in Ibadan and with more innovative plays, Latitude seems bound to stay winning.



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