“We have a viable business in Oyo State that has gone a long way in terms of adding value to the economy of the State. Research has documented that 70% of SME’s fail in their first three years of operations in Nigeria.”

Adaora Ayoade

Clear to hear her passion for Human Capacity Building. Mrs. Ayoade has built a business that has a foundation of service and quality. Her drive for excellence as it relates to jobs, organizational structuring, and human resource management has led her to make a difference not just in Ibadan but also beyond. She is highly self-driven and family oriented.

What is your full name and what do you do?

My name is Mrs. Adaora Ayoade. I am the CEO of EZ37 Solutions Limited. We are a Human Resources and Management Consultancy Organisation. Our head office is here in Ibadan.

Please, what is your educational background?

I was educated in Europe and Nigeria. My first degree is in Microbiology from the University of Ibadan and my Post graduate qualifications in Management are from The University of Greenwich in the UK and The Business School Netherlands. I am also qualified in Human Resource Management and have maintained a career in Human Capital Development for many years.

What exactly does EZ37 Solutions do?

We have four main areas of focus:

Recruitment: we provide organizations with quality staff. We pay particular attention to getting our clients’ requirements right and ensure the investment in the recruitment process is reaped back by having top performing employees.

Training and Development: At EZ37 Solutions Limited, we practice the concept of lifelong learning. We believe a significant amount of development can take place at the workplace via mentorship, coaching, etc. When you speak with people at the top of their profession, they always speak about those who mentored and coached them along the way. We are very skilled at delivering sound, impactful, training and development courses. We also offer team development workshops. Do you know that ‘team’ stands for Together Everybody Achieves More? So you see, teamwork really does make the dream work. We are heavily into human capacity development.

Consultancy:  We offer all-round consultancy, and are accredited as a Business Development Service Provider for the Bank of Industry. We assist SME’s with business advice, bankable Business Plans/Feasibility Studies, and other general support. Access to finance is one of the barriers to the development of SME businesses. So we help them get well packaged to make them attractive to the banks.  Beyond helping Businesses access funds, our business advisory desk provides support in the area of setting up a Corporate Governance structure within their organisation, execute Process Engineering, Design of Marketing Plans, Sales Strategies etc.

Human Resource Outsourcing: We provide and manage staff for organizations. Part of this responsibility includes but is not limited to managing their payroll, remittances, employee relations, training, background verification etc. We manage all that on behalf of the organization so that they can focus on what they have set out to do. We are experts when it comes to Human Capital Management.

How long has EZ37 Solutions been in business?

EZ37 Solutions was established in July 2009.

What has it been like balancing work and life obligations as a woman in a position of power?

Running a business and balancing it with other non-work related commitments can be an arduous task, however, it’s really a case of scheduling priorities so that neither the business nor the family suffers. I believe more in quality than just quantity so I may not spend as much time as I would particularly want to, during the week with my family and friends. However when I am home in the evenings and at weekends, I try to create quality time for other areas of my life outside of work. The key word for me is quality. You can have a little bit of time together and make that time special.

What has been the economic benefit of your business in Ibadan?

We have a viable business in Oyo State that has gone a long way in terms of adding value to the economy of the State. Research has documented that 70% of SME’s fail in their first three years of operations in Nigeria. We have contributed to Ibadan by way of our Business Support and Human Resource Services. We are pleased that this business has been  able to provide professional advice and has helped several SME’s restructure, reorganize and follow best practices.  We’ve also provided competent staff to several businesses as well as client specific learning and development interventions, which helped boost productivity.  With the right people in the right roles, productivity increases and organizations are able to perform better. This of course leads to increase in revenue and business growth.

Why was Ibadan your choice of place to establish this business?

Ibadan because it is home for me. My family is here so naturally I would start from home. Having said that, we do have a lot of links outside Ibadan. For us, Ibadan is like a base and of course, there is so much sanity here, so we can choose to work from here or outside of Ibadan and still come back home to the sanity of this city.

What makes Ibadan so special to you?

I like Ibadan for the serenity, for the authenticity of the people, and  because there is a lot of potential for growth and development. I also believe this is a fantastic place to take advantage of the opportunities that are coming up each and every day.

Fun fact, what is your favorite amala joint in Ibadan?

Mama Ope Restaurant; I like their speed of service and the consistency of their food. I also enjoy the taste of their food.

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