Meet the brain behind Ibadan city Fashion College

Passion for Fashion… there is no other phrase that best describes Aderonke Olubanjo, wife, mother, CEO of (DGVstyles) and principal instructor at the Ibadan city Fashion College, the city’s premier sewing(Fashion) school. Inspired by entrepreneurship and fashion, Mrs Olubanjo stepped aside her career in journalism to launch DGVstyles  in 2001, an initiative which will later pave the way for the fashion school where she has been lending her expertise in educating people on how to be a force to be reckoned with in the fast-paced fashion industry, especially in today's society.

Can we meet you?

My name is Aderonke Olubanjo. I am a tailor although I studied Mass Communication and Journalism at the Polytechnic of Ibadan and the Nigerian Institute of Journalism respectively. I worked briefly in media before eventually venturing into full-time tailoring.

When did tailoring fully start for you?

I started sewing in 1999 even though I was still working as a journalist then. I left a year later and started DGV Styles in 2005.

Where did you learn to sew?

I was taught by an Ivorian here in Ibadan but I also took few courses home and overseas. Knowledge is endless. And it should be passed on, the reason why any new thing I learn, I bring it straight to class to teach my students because unlike most people, I don’t believe in hoarding knowledge.

When was the idea of Ibadan Fashion College conceived?

It started off in 2010 as DGV Fashion Academy, I had just gotten an outlet for DGVStyles inside Walan Hotel (D'Rovans Hotel Limited). I expected patronage in the line of clothing, but more enquiries came on how they could also be a part of the building the fashion industry. we started getting calls from people who were interested in learning how to sew. Even though I did not see myself as a teacher then, the calling called itself, and we started DGV Fashion Academy with six students. Over the years, we have trained well over 500 students, the structure grew and the name changed to Ibadan city Fashion college.

How is the IBCFC structured?

The school runs a proper college setting. I am the principal instructor and our curriculum covers theory, practical and entrepreneurial classes. Students are given tests, assignments and projects periodically. We make use of the CGPA system and you can either graduate with a distinction or upper/lower credit etc. Also, there are courses for starters, Masters’ classes, Diploma classes, Modular classes and so on.

How would you describe doing business in Ibadan?

Well, a lot of people tell me I’ll make more money if I leave Ibadan. However, I believe Ibadan is a great avenue for those who understand it. I have clients outside Ibadan so Ibadan has not restricted the growth of my business in any form.

What are your future plans?

We want to periodically have 'give-back' periods where we can sell clothes for as low as N500 - N2000.  Also, there are plans to open a clothing store/e-commerce store that can offer affordable fashion at its best. I also hope to run big technical college in Ibadan/Oyo State where people can get empowered, and unemployment can be highly reduced.

What is your business mantra?

I have just 2 hands, but with my 2 hands I can raise and help a million hands. So help me God. Passion is key in whatever you do. It is my main drive and what keeps me going.

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