“Mauve21 is my baby; I started it from day-zero”

Kunle Olaniran

Kunle Olaniran comes from a very humble background. His story is one of hard work, talent and passion merging to create a man with a vision.

Chatting with Kunle Olaniran on the evolution of Mauve21

Let’s start with your full name and your position here at Mauve21?

My name is Kunle Olaniran and I am currently the Executive Manager here at Mauve21.

What was life like before Mauve21?

Before Mauve21, I was an event manager for over 8 years. I worked at Lead City University as the hall manager and event manager. I also did quite a lot of personal events planning and coordinating. It has been plus or minus over 10 years since I’ve been in this business.

What is your Educational background?

I started out with a National Diploma in Banking and Finance then proceeded to attain my Bachelor of Science degree (BSc) and Masters’ degrees in Economics. I have also attained some additional qualifications from completing some other management courses as part of my professional development.

How did you get into event planning?

Right from an early age, I always had very little tolerance for disorderliness. I love to put things in perspective and I was given an opportunity by my former boss run new Lead City University Conference Centre. Through this opportunity to serve given to me, I discovered my passion for planning. I quickly realised I loved and had a very strong affinity for the job, and no matter what time of day, I was always ready to deliver. So events planning happened to be something I fell into and ended up loving! And here I am today.

So events planning happened to be something I fell into and ended up loving! And here I am today.

Since joining the Mauve21 team how has the business expanded?

Mauve21 is my baby; I started it from day-zero!

There were a lot of trials, failures and quality maintenance in building the business name. Knowing that the foundation of our establishment needs to remain strong at all times has not been easy for the last 2 years. It has most certainly been worth the effort as we have faced a very challenging business environment and have managed to wade through so far.

It helps if you’re a born problem solver, always prepared for the unknown. As a new establishment, it has been a blessing being a part of the team. The staff is doing a fantastic job, my directors have been supportive, we have an enabling environment to work, an enabling environment to give your best.

Personally, I don’t like to be micromanaged, I see this business as my business; so whatever the CEO wants to achieve I go above and beyond because I have the entire board’s support. It has been a triumph.

Mauve21 is a multipurpose business, with the restaurant, event centre, lounge, club, etc. How has it been managing all the various facets?

I‘m not a solo manager, I have a great staff and good structure on-ground making the work easier. I also like to delegate. So once I discover in my staff one who is able to perform a given task, I delegate the job.

A lot of people love when you delegate work to them because they want to perform to expectation and prove a point and once I discover that, I find who has the capacity, the ability and desire. Those that have a teachable spirit and who are proactive make the work easier.  I focus on getting the right people in the right position, which I have been able to do.

Mauve21 is your one stop event centre. From visiting to book your event to our reception, relaxation, lounge, to lodging - everything is set to accommodate you. I have a good team at hand; it boils down to coordination, detailed focus, and harnessing the strengths to achieve your own goals.

Was the “one stop event centre” always the goal for Mauve21 or did this evolve over time?

I have a visionary board who thought of giving back to society. We’re all calling for a greater Nigeria and giving back has been a desire of the CEO. The aim was a one stop event centre and in fact, Mauve21 is still at about 60 percent of what we envision it becoming.

At this stage, I can’t say we’re going to stop because there are other avenues, which we are going to give a trial and make a huge impact particularly in Oyo State and Nigeria at large. Our expansion in the future would be beyond Ibadan.

What is special about Ibadan?

The working condition business wise and development wise is very obvious between Lagos and Ibadan. However, Ibadan and Lagos have a symbiotic relationship. Whatever waves of economic moves or trends are in Lagos always finds its way to Ibadan. Ibadan is very receptive. But Ibadan is changing and the hope is for Ibadan to do better because there are a lot of investments and business opportunities which, with time, we’ll be able to say we’re getting there.

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