Bayegun Oluwatoyin, popularly known as Woli Arole, is one of the comedians on the rise in this part of the country. His choice of comedy however, is what sets him apart from his counterparts - Arole connects and touches lives with his brand comedy which is usually in a prophetic disguise. The graduate of Psychology from the Obafemi Awolowo University is keen on taking his brand global and hopes to keep sharing fun and happiness with people.

How did you make the shift from psychology to comedy?

There was really no shift. Psychology is what I studied, and comedy is an inborn gift. For me, both just complement the other.

Tell us what the Arole brand is all about?

My brand is that of happiness, fun and laughter. Basically, I’m a comedian but Í am also an actor. All I do is share happiness and fun with people. I started six years ago, but the Woli Arole part of the brand started only last year.

Would you call winning Alibaba’s Spontaneity Competition the turning point for you?

Even though I won the second season of Alibaba’s Spontaneity Competition, I wouldn’t say that was my breakthrough. That would be back when I was in Obafemi Awolowo University when I held a show at the Amphitheatre.  The show was such a hit that its news got carried to the outside world. What Alibaba’s show did for me was just a bit of showcase to the outside world that there is someone called Arole.

How has the reception been for you and the comedy?

It has been incredible. The acceptance has been global. We plan to start performing outside Nigeria as we have started receiving invitations from different countries.

Tell us one thing about you that no one else knows?

I am a real prophet. I see real visions and I give real prophecies. It is not a joking thing (laughs…). It is a gift and I have people who can testify to this. That is the reason why my jokes are not the regular kind.

How do you combine your love for comedy and the ministerial calling?

Well, that is why I created Woli Arole to enable that fusion. As I’m doing the comedy part, I’m also using the opportunity to preach unity, a good life and different messages that cut across all religion.

Will you someday own your Church or Ministry?

I am already in one; comedy for me is a ministry. When people hear my jokes they get healed, my perception of comedy is different.What do you like most about Ibadan?

Ibadan is indigenous. It has a connection to my roots. It is a fantastic, quiet, serene and peaceful place to be. There is a lot serenity has to do with creativity and productivity.

What don’t you like?

It isn’t really exposed but there is a lot of exposure coming in already.

Where is your favourite amala joint?

Any Iyadunni location in Ibadan. There is one along the expressway, one at Challenge, one at Aleshinloye. You should know I’m an Iyadunni fan. In fact, I should be an ambassador.

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