“I believe that soon Ibadan will be a hub for entertainment.”

Roy: For the love of the city

People know you as Roy but let’s get more personal so please tell me your full name?

Oluwadurotimi Olaolu Adegboyega Ige.

How did Roy come about?

When I finished university at Federal university of technology Mina. We moved to Ibadan because we had to relocate from Abuja due to health issues. My mum told me not to go back to the North but to serve in Ibadan. She wanted me closer to her because I attended boarding school all my life. During the service years as a very social person, I got a job with an agricultural based company but it fell through. The only opportunity left was to work in print media and I didn’t like it because the pay was awful. My mum convinced to take the job and so I did.  Along the line, I decided that it was kind of mundane. All I did was report to the office and leave. I had spare time at night; I hardly slept so I just started picking up entertainment stories. On my BBM I’d broadcast it. Somewhere along the line, I fell in love with a character named Roy and the irony is I have R factor. So I thought it would be funny not to be able to pronounce my own name plus my name is Rotimi as well, then I added media to it and became Roy media. Now most people don’t even know my real name.

What is your educational Background?

I studied Agric Economics. I was supposed to read law but my father died so I had to switch.

How long have you lived in Ibadan and what makes it so special to you?

I’ve been in Ibadan since 2008, 9 years now. What is wrong with Ibadan? Noting.  Now we have the palms, why can’t we just do something for Ibadan and thrive here? People say there’s no money in Ibadan but I don’t believe it. Most people that I work with in Lagos don’t know I don’t live in Lagos. I got married in Ibadan and Ibadan has treated me well. I’m young and I’m getting it in Ibadan. But the mindset that made people not believe in Ibadan is what made it what it was then. But now people are a lot more aware. For Christ sakes in the corporate world, Ibadan had not representation in Ibadan so we were losing out because people would bring their artist from Lagos and leave. But now Peturu is hosting events for MTN, and Femi Odewale is the go to equipment Guy for Guinness and with that money is flowing. I think we all just need to come together. I’m passionate about Ibadan, and I believe that soon Ibadan will be a hub for entertainment.

How has Tribune helped shape the impact you’ve had in your community?

I came at a time where Ibadan needed voices to speak of for them. Raw talent is abundant in Ibadan but they don’t have people who can stand for them. Working in print media and currently heading the daily entertainment desk with one of the top 5 newspapers in Nigeria, It gave me a platform to meet people in the industry. I got invited to the biggest events; different entertainment platforms were open to me. So I developed a relationship with most of the A and R’s and I call them up and promote up and coming artists through their events.  Peteru, Peasy, Babatumise these were the 3 artists that I decided to work with it at that time and thank God all of them are doing well and able to stand on their own feet.

Do you think the influence of Ibadan is increasing in the entertainment industry?

Today I thank God Ibadan artist is coming up. We have Ibadan spy and just things that are shaking Ibadan and the entertainment industry, which is good.  I can say in the next 5 years Ibadan will be on a different level. Everybody is coming to Ibadan. In fact, there’s an unveiling in Lagos and I think the artist they are signing is from Ibadan. Now Davido is talking about Dremo so you know Ibadan is opening up. Right now Peasy is going on star trek that hasn’t happened in a long time. Peteru has his own show; before Lagos people will come and chop our money let’s have a voice and luckily I came at a time when Ibadan needed a voice and I was fortunate and still fortunate to be one of the voices. We’ve not even tapped into 1% of what Ibadan has to offer.

What are some things that you’re currently working on?

There’s a business workshop that is being planned, it’s going to have hopefully Ebuka, Tony Okoroji, MI, Toda who is the A & R for “Chocolate city”, we want to have them come to Ibadan and talk to artists our entrepreneurs and entertainment people in the music business. In Lagos, there’s a lot of money flowing around. We want them to come here and teach our artist the music business. What they are doing now is just passion which is generating small income and they think they are ok. They are yet to tap into anything at all.  The "wizkid’s" and "skales" who lived in Ibadan, they have gone to Lagos and they are making it big, so who says we cannot here? Who says?

What do you think needs to be done to move and shake Ibadan into growth and change?

People in Ibadan have a preference and as much as I don’t like to admit it but Ibadan is yet to get to the level where their spending power is not that good. It’s still coming up such that people would rather go to the mall than come to mauve 21 and eat good food. We’re not united, we don’t have one voice, and everyone is self-centered. But it’s hard because most of these people don’t have side hustles, they don’t have structured work structure or rich parents to fall back on so it’s hard to talk unity with them because they eat, live and breath what they do to survive. If you’re not going to give them a source of income then you’re not helping them.

How does your work in entertainment and you constantly on the move affect your family life?

For instance, I couldn’t spend Christmas at home. I was away for 2 months and then I went back out again in January. There are times I’m gone for extended periods like that with images of me and other females in the media but she’s been very understanding and it takes a special breed to deal with all that exposure. But what I do is that when I come back home I stay at home watch TV and just spend time with them uninterrupted. Once you know the importance of family, I wouldn’t want to make the same mistakes my parents made or the ones people make placing your career first at the expense of family. She’s also a lawyer and very busy, so we coordinate out time, take our vacations at the same time and rediscover ourselves. I feel this life is too short and the only things that are with you until the end are family.

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