The Xpandables is a dance duo that consists of Ogunbakin Oluwafemi Michael and Onaifo Opeyemi, two Lead City University graduates quickly capturing the attention of the Nigerian entertainment industry with their energetic choreography and polarizing presence. It was easy to get enamoured by these two. Besides their prodigious talent and obvious humility, both seem quite assured of each other. So apparent is their symbiosis that several times during this interview, both of them were quick to anticipate each other’s words much like they anticipate each other’s moves. In this exclusive, get to know the men behind the growing brand called The Xpandables.

Hello, can we meet you?

Speedope: I am Onaifo Opeyemi, a Mass Communication graduate of Lead City University. I’m from Edo State and I’m one half of The Xpandables.

FemiGinger: I’m Ogunbakin Oluwafemi Michael, an Economics graduate of Lead City University. I’m from Ondo State and I am the other half of The Xpandables.

How did you guys meet?

Speedope: Actually Femi and I met in 2003 when we danced together for the Xplicit dance group. Then we got separated for a year after we went for our National Youth Service. But in 2014 we got back together and decided to form what is now known as The Xpandables.

You guys have been appearing in a lot of music videos lately, how does that make you feel?

It’s a great feeling and it’s all thanks to the social media, Instagram especially. We post dance videos every week and that was how we started gaining recognition. We have known Olamide for a long time but we lost touch with each other. He finally contacted us through Instagram by reposting one of our dance videos. Since then, we've been in videos like his ‘Don’t Stop’ and ‘Oya Dab’. We have also appeared in two of Skales’ videos as well as others.

There are so many music video dancers and choreographers in the industry today, how do you want to be remembered from the rest?

FemiGinger: Even though many of us these days are graduates and well learned, dancers are still being profiled by the society as "jobless" or "unserious". We are trying to destroy this stereotype and we hope to change this mentality through our dance. Hopefully we have started making some progress.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

We glean our creative inspiration from what we see around us. Also, our family is the passion that drives us.

What’s your take on the entertainment industry in Ibadan?

The industry has been making giant strides lately. We have lots of artistes that are doing well and making us proud but we all still need to come together to support one another whether you are a choreographer, singer or a producer.

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