“What is honey about you? You don’t know you’re natural; just be Seun natural.”

Seun Natural

Seun Natural, one of the newest talents in the music industry, has always had a passion for the arts. From drumming in the church to singing, composing and dancing, he has always known that he was creative and would find no other path in life but that which led him to use his creative talents.

Where did your love for music come from?

I started at the church as a drummer boy. I was in the children’s choir in my dad’s church; I’d focus on dance. One day I thought to myself I can do music. So I started by writing, I wrote a song and performed with the choir. However, professionally music started with ’Explicit’, the dance group I was in. From being a dancer I diversified and it is my opinion that I’m better at music than I ever was as a dancer.

How did the name Seun Natural come about?

I used to be called honey boy, at that time I was in a dance group called ’Explicit’. Anytime we were doing morning or night devotion, I would lead in the music department. So I’d just sing, I’d do the Fuji, the hip-hop, the RnB; I’d combine it all. And my boss at the time called me and said, “What is honey about you? You don’t know you’re natural; just be Seun Natural.”

Have you always known you were creative?

I’ve always known I’m creative. The Bible says, “Your talents will make room for you. I’ll make you sit with kings.” That has been my motto since I was little. I act, I sing, I write and I dance. The talent is the talent.

Were your parents supportive?

Mr. and Mrs. Ojeyinka big shout out to them! I come from a very supportive family. I’m blessed.

Any new music we should look out for?

Yes, I have one going on presently “Higher” which is really enjoying massive air play.  I have a lot of projects on ground that we’re working on so watch out for them.

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