Behind the wheels of steel: A trip down memory lane with DJ Gavpop.

Popoola Gafar Olatunbosun, best known around these parts as DJ Gavpop is the resident DJ for Splash 105.5 FM. He was recently crowned the best in Nigeria at last year’s Nigeria Broadcasters Merit Award (NBMA) in the process becoming the first DJ from Ibadan to earn the much-sought accolade. Gavpop's tenacity and exploits from behind the wheels of steel recently helped him become the official DJ for the Ooni of Ife. He reminisces on his journey so far.


Unknown to most, you studied Banking and Finance in the state polytechnic. How come you found yourself in this line of work?

I have a passion for music and considering the fact that I didn't have a good voice to pursue a singing career was what made me decide to become a DJ. I started professionally fourteen years ago and even though it has its ups and down, the whole journey has been a fulfilling experience.

How have you been able to evolve over time in the business?

I was not forced into the profession, and so I have been passionate about this from the word go. Over these fourteen years, I have been able to improve my skills, equipment and also all round packaging.

How do conditions today compare to when you started out?

Things were a bit dull, and social life was not up to the par its on today. Back then to get a CD bag was even a difficult task but now everything has changed even from the tech standpoint. We now have lots of software that makes our work easier.

What will you call the biggest highlight of your career?

I have handled so many great shows inside and outside Ibadan, but the biggest point will be when I won the best DJ in Nigeria at the last NBMA (Nigeria Broadcasters Merit Award). I have been nominated three times and to be the first DJ from Ibadan to do that was just immense for me. Also, it might be worth it to mention that I have been conferred as the official DJ for the Ooni of Ife, something that is of great pride to me.

What do you do on the side?

I have a DJ school in Ibadan where I teach those that are interested in being a DJ.

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