Meet Joseph Alfred Abdallah and Sorple Sheed Cecil, the creative duo behind the name, Blake Arts.

What is Blake Arts all about?

We do anything and everything art. We consider everywhere our canvas. We design shirts, make portraits, caricatures, graffiti and much more.

When did you start?

Joe: Officially, Blake Arts started when we met in 2012 although I have been doing stuff on my own before then. After I met Sorple, I realized he was the only artist I could work with because he possessed the same drive that I had.

How has it been thus far and has art been everything you imagined?

Sorple: It’s been awesome. Ibadan appreciates art in a totally different way. They like it when it involves them.

J: It’s going so well, we have started developing plans and projects.

Can you talk about them?

J: We have plans to do something for Ibadan. Nobody actually knows what the city will look like with graffiti. We plan to select areas in Ibadan and make graffiti that has to do with the African culture which will invoke memories even for coming generations.

Who are those on your clientele list?

S: We have done some things for Lead City University, Babcock University, Filmhouse Cinema, CBC Building in Lagos, Absolut Vodka, and Chivas Regal. We also did caricatures for almost every guest at Audu Maikori’s birthday.

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