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Popularly known as Moreklue, Ademola Ajibola is the CEO of MoreKlue Group, a media and events company based in Ibadan. Ademola is the brain behind the annual Moreklue All Youth Awards (MAYA) and Pacesetters Awards. He is also a movie producer, a TV content developer and a passionate son of the soil.  Here, he talks about his company, drives, challenges and aspirations.


My name is Ademola Ajibola and I am the CEO of Moreklue Group. I am a magazine publisher, a movie producer and a TV content writer. I also organise two prestigious awards you may know of; the Moreklue All Youths Awards (MAYA) and the Pacesetters Awards. I had my primary school education at St Catherine School Jericho, and then at Ibadan Boys High School before going to bag a degree in Economics at the Osun State University.

How did you get involved in media?

I have always had an interest in media and entertainment. Before gaining admission into the University, I was involved in writing stories and participating in movies production because I wanted to be an actor but in 2006, I had the opportunity of running a couple of promotions for Gabriel Afolayan which certain people liked. After that, I started freelancing my media services to people and I continued with this even through my University days.

Why did you choose to create these awards?

Both awards were created to celebrate those that are breaking grounds in their chosen career fields. Moreklue All Youth Awards (MAYA) is strictly meant for the youths while Pacesetter's Award was designed specifically to celebrate Oyo State indigenes/residents who are putting the State on the map through their actions and their profession.

Do you subscribe to the thinking that Ibadan is generally not a viable destination for business?

Personally, I believe so much in the Ibadan project. There is a reason why certain brands choose to launch their products here. If you can get people in Ibadan to subscribe to what you do, you can get anyone anywhere in Nigeria to buy your product. However the buying power here is very low but I think that will get better over time especially with the advent of malls in the city.

Some people believe that movies produced in Nigeria are of low quality, why is this so?

The general problem boils down to brand support. How many companies can set aside funds to help produce a movie? Most prefer to jump on projects that are already "cooked” and until there exists a kind of embrace between brands and industry, then there will always be questions over the quality. It will amaze you to know that a lot of superstars in the Yorùbá movie industry receive below thirty thousand naira for a shoot, so how do you expect the best from such people?

Many think the State government can do more in pushing tourism in the city?

More? They have done nothing! Take the Splash FM Integrity Marathon, that is the first marathon of its kind in Africa and 8 years after, the government is yet to get on that train. The first time Lagos did theirs, they had their government's support. These are the questions we have to ask ourselves and until our government participates and partners with various brands in the city, the changes we crave for won't come quickly.

How do you unwind in Ibadan?

I love to watch movies so I tend to visit the cinemas a lot.

What do you love about Ibadan?

Ibadan is a city of many firsts and that is one thing I absolutely love about it. Another thing is the tranquillity. You can't get that anywhere else.

Where is your favourite amala spot in Ibadan?

Amala Iya Hadija at Iyana Adeoyo.

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