Oluwafemi Olagbesan better known around town as DJ Sexcy, is one of Ibadan’s nightlife oldest faces having started his career as a DJ since 2002. Staying true to his art, Femi has always let his music do the talking for him and more than 14 years his music has spoken volumes while he’s manned the turntables. The tables have however turned as he breaks the silence and opens up on how far he has come and how much farther he has to go…

Kindly tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Oluwafemi Olagbesan but they call me DJ Sexcy. I am an event person; I am a DJ and play at events, I also do lighting, event management and mixing of CDs for clients. I finished from Polytechnic of Ibadan, and I am a professional DJ.

When did you start as a profession DJ?

I was already a DJ back in 2000, but I didn’t start doing this professionally until around 2002/2003. I love entertainment from the onset, especially music.  I started with hosting social functions that my department organised back at the Polytechnic of Ibadan.

Why did you choose to be a DJ in a time when it wasn’t as respected as it is today?

I believe passion is important in everything one does. I fell in love with music and entertainment right from my childhood so it was not difficult going into the profession.

You are acknowledged around the city as Ibadan’s premier DJ, how have you evolved and what had changed from when you started in 2002?

Well, I make sure that my passion for the job doesn’t dwindle. I also try to keep myself grounded because I know that I’m not where I want to be yet. The market in Ibadan has evolved from those days. Social life has improved greatly, and this has helped the business.

There are more DJs now than there were when you started, do you see this as competition?

Well everybody has his style. I have my ways of doing things, and that distinguishes me from others. I also have a reputable standard which I have built, and that can match up with the standard anywhere in the world. Competition and challenges to me are normal.

Being a DJ from Ibadan how is the reception outside the city?

I have a good relationship with others in my line of work. I am a member of the DJ Association of Nigeria, and once you are good at your work, you will be well received and respected.

Can you tell us which event you consider being the biggest you have handled in your career?

I think I rock the majority of the big shows in Ibadan; Laffmatazz, Havana Festival, LafUp Comedy Show, Palms experience and I have also been the official DJ for Beat FM, NYSC Orientation Camp Concert for the past four years. I have also played in some of the big clubs in Ibadan and worked with so many A-list artists in Nigeria.

Do you help upcoming artists through your work?

I don’t charge them, and I can point out a lot of the artists that have had an impact on their music career. Artists just have to be humble and sing good music.

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