“I fought for myself and my creativity spoke for itself”


You go by "Prince", could you share your birth name with me?

My name is Temilade Adewuyi.

What kind of personality do you have?

I’m actually a shy and reserved by nature.

Are you an Ibadan native?

I am from Osun state; I got here 5 years ago, from the North. I went to the University of Maiduguri and studied geology and mining. When conflict arose I decided to move.

Why not Lagos?

Lagos is too noisy and I wanted something cozy, no traffic, to feed my reserved nature

You’re arguably the number one event planner in Ibadan. Most people say you host the best IB parties. How long have you been in the business of entertainment and hosting?

I have been doing this for about 4 years, before this I was into real estate.

Why did you decide you’d venture into this aspect of entertainment?

I have a passion for it and I felt it would be easy for me to handle it.

How easy was it penetrating into the Ibadan social scene?

2 to 3 years back we all know what IB used to be, it took prayers, convincing people that IB can be like Lagos and even better. It was one step at a time.

Who mentored you or put you on the map?

I fought for myself and creativity spoke for itself.

Tell me more about your cookouts (pool and grill)? What is it?

I host it twice a month and it’s to create an avenue for people to come, mingle and have fun.

So you’ve done a few things professionally, from Geology and mining to real estate, now entertainment. Are you happy in your current professional journey?Yes I am, but I still want to go into my academic profession, go into the oil sector. Geology and mining

Yes, I am, but I still want to go into my academic profession, go into the oil sector. 'Geology and mining' is a passion of mine that I’ve let seat for years. It is not easy to get jobs in my field. If I get the opportunity to go back to 9-5 I will. I prefer the structure cause I’m a workaholic and need something to do around the clock.

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