They say some are born to do a specific thing, but Lolade had makeup thrust upon her.

It was her curiosity about gélé tying that opened the professional doors of makeup and one might say that her craftsmanship only gets better with time. A final year student, majoring in philosophy, she says now she couldn’t think of anything else she would rather be doing. Her goal is to make her clients feel glamorous at the end of her session with them.

Her inspiration comes from her mentor Mrs Kunbi Fashakin because as a new business owner she was self-taught and battled with some insecurities related to that at the beginning of her journey. Thanks to her mentor who was able to give her constructive criticism she was able to gain confidence in her work and style.

Her advice to up and coming makeup artists is to always strive to be on a level that sets your work apart. Be very tolerant of your clients because they all have different personalities and you need to be able to work with anyone. Ololade is a testament to the fact that age is nothing but a number. Look out for this rising young star.

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