“I love fashion and music, and I’ve always wanted a platform where I can show my love for both. It might surprise you I am an instrumentalist; I play the drums and the guitar.”

Kie Kie

Kiekie is a non-stop workaholic, whose work ethic and drive for excellence has given her not only an edge but also a competitive advantage as a triple treat. Her outspoken nature as well as dedication to her craft have led her to having not just a successful fashion label, teaching school but have also put her on the map as a TV personality and host.

How did the name Kiekie come about?

Kiekie is my pet name from my parents.  My mum would write Bukkie from Bukunmi on my notes when I went to school. One day my grandma just said Bukiekie and that’s how the name stuck. When I ventured into Television and I needed a screen name, I chose to go with Kiekie because the name has a place in my heart.

What is your educational background?

I studied Mass Communications at Bowen University before proceeding to London School of Business and Finance for my Masters in Internet and Digital Marketing.

How did you get into the world of fashion?

Right before the end of my Masters degree program in London, I started getting bored with a lot of things. At a point, I just said to myself “Why not go to fashion school?” since I had already established my fashion label, Accost collection before heading to the UK.  So I went to the London College of Fashion, made some enquiries and resumed right around the time I started writing my dissertation. On getting back to Nigeria, I didn’t just want to be a designer, I wanted to come back and teach people proper sewing techniques, proper fashion illustration, embellishment methods and much more which was why I opened Accost Fashion School.

How did you get into hosting; tell us about your journey?

I have always had this flair for talking and meeting people. During my university days, I used to host our departmental awards as well as other school events. This coupled with my interest in talk shows like Wendy Williams and Ellen was what made me launch Kiekie TV. It is a platform for entertainment, but streamlined to just music and fashion. I started with a program called “Celebrities and Style” where I interviewed A-list artistes like Ice Prince, Jimmy Jatt, Vector, Mercy Aigbe etc. I actually shot a whole season and presented it to a big TV station in Lagos but they declined to pick it up, saying it wasn’t shot to standard. Two months later I saw this idea being aired on the same station. I went back and shot another season that included more celebrities and beauty personalities but like the previous time, the TV station I pitched my idea to only stole the concept. At that point I decided to speak to Gbenga Adeyinka who is like a father in the industry. It was through him that I met the owner of Goldmyne TV, Otunba Sesan Rufai. He was impressed with my portfolio and that was how I started producing and presenting Style Street on ONTV and ONMAXX  . Soon after that, I got called on   to also produce and present a show on Silverbird TV called Videwheels, a music programme. Along the line, I added another programme from ONtv, Nollywood Fashion and Style on African screen Produced by Kunle Awonusi.

What is currently in the works for you?

I  just launched a YouTube channel called Style Connect. The channel currently features a segment called STYLE IT YOURSELF, generally know as  DIY videos where I give out style tips. Another thing I love is music. I even play the drums and guitar. I have always wanted a platform where I can show my love for music which is why I launched a project last year called the 90’s meets Millennium where we had legends like Dele Ojo, Salawu Abeni, Toye Ajagun and younger artists like, Reminisce, May, Mo’blow and fabulous pizzy  in attendance.

What was the inspiration for 90’s meets Millennium?

The inspiration came from my being well connected to my roots. I am a typical Ibadan girl. Usually when I speak Yoruba, people are always surprised which in turn surprises me. These days when I listen to music I  feel our artists are getting disconnected from the roots except for few like Asa, Adekunle Gold. Do you know the highlight of 90’s meets Millennium last year was Salawu Abeni’s performance? I didn’t think it’s possible that Salawu Abeni would be singing and I would be dancing but everyone was dancing. I don’t want her music to go away and that is what the project is about. I don’t want Nigerians to lose that culture. That’s the beauty of our music, having different sounds.

What advice would you give people who someday want to follow in your footsteps?

People go through a lot of stress in their lives just because they aren’t asking God. It’s so easy, and I don’t know why people don’t practice it more.  Just ask God, it’s so basic and the reason why people think it’s hard to get answers from God is because they are not neutral. They are expecting their own answers. When you ask God for something, expect His own answers. Learn to commit things to God hands and look within yourself. What do you desire to do? Be yourself and follow your own path, look within yourself.

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