There is a business in luxury…

Kolawole Ayodeji

A trio from Bloomberg Professional, a popular business and lifestyle blog wrote an article about the growing demand for luxury goods in Africa. According to them, as the expansion of wealth stretches to our Black Colony, the already untapped demand of the luxury market will soar higher, creating a large market channel ready to be exploited by those with a keen business acumen.

Kolawole Ayodeji is a graduate of the University of Ibadan and the mind behind Fseven Apparels, a just conceived top-of-the-line clothing house that delivers luxury fashion items anywhere in Nigeria. According to Ayodeji, F Seven Apparels was birthed from Jersey House, a sporting goods shop he started coincidentally seven years ago.

“I started this business with Jersey House in 2009 when I was in U.I.  I used to get people original football jerseys and would customise names on them for those who were interested.”

Kolawole Ayodeji

In its bid to increase publicity, F Seven Apparels has been using social media as a marketing vehicle to push awareness for the rebranded business. (Instagram: fsevenapparels). Ayodeji reckons that the authenticity that photo-based social media platforms like Instagram generates between customers and himself has been integral to business.

He believes their fast and dependable delivery service is one of the major things that set them apart from others in this line of business, the others being their credibility and standards.Delivery within Ibadan and Lagos is free, so also, they are always ready to deliver anywhere in Nigeria, from Abuja all the way to Port-Harcourt.

As someone who has been part and parcel of Ibadan for almost a decade, Ayodeji only hope is that more people will start realising the potentials that lay untapped in Ibadan. To him, when it boils down to just business, Ibadan has a strength in numbers that is impossible to ignore.


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