Events Management 101: An Interview

Pretty, intelligent and affable are the right words to describe Adebisi Adeniji, one of the rising event planners in Nigeria and CEO of Elposh Events. She lets us into her world and shares with us her journey so far in the world of event management.


My name is Adebisi Adeniji, a graduate of Communications and Language Arts from the University of Ibadan. I run Elposh Events, an event coordinating & planning firm which I created three years ago while in school. I started the business mainly to be self-sufficient and hopefully so that I could provide employment opportunities for others in the future.

Why event planning?

It’s the perfect fit for me. Most people don't like the stress that comes with events, but it is something I enjoy doing. I like to think of myself as a solutions provider and event planning is a way all parties involved get what they want.

Earliest experience in event planning?

Back in school, I was a campus journalist for The Nation newspaper. Every year, we would organise a dinner party and I got to be part of the planning process.  The experience I gained back then helped open my eyes to the practice of the events industry.

Problems/challenges of being a young entrepreneur

I started Elposh when I was still fairly new to Ibadan. I didn’t know anyone, so I had to take my networking skills up a couple of notches. Thankfully, having an educational background in a course that deals with human relations and marketing helped level the playing field.

The importance of the social media

It's been amazing for me. The bulk of the jobs I've worked on came from the social media which is why I tend to do a lot of online publicity.

Favourite event?

Weddings! Apart from the fact that weddings are beautiful ceremonies, being able to help two people start out their life and dreams together is something that is hugely satisfying for me.

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