Many young people across Nigeria are beginning to ignore the lure of white collar jobs in favour of setting up their own businesses. One of them is Onilude Babatunde, CEO of Onilu Prime, a one-stop gadget house with branches in Ibadan. In this interview, the budding entrepreneur shares his story.

What is your educational background like?

I had my primary and secondary school education here in Ibadan at Omolara Primary School and The International School, Ibadan respectively. Then I spent a year and half at University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (UNAAB) before attending Obafemi Awolowo University. I just rounded up my Masters in Engineering Management at the University of Ibadan.

Where did you get the idea for starting Onilu Prime?

I started in 2006 during my sophomore year at the university. Back then, I was solely into the repairs of gadgets before I later moved into sales (of laptops and phones). It was the positive response that I received back then from customers that motivated me to start Onilu Prime.

Given that youths in Nigeria are in a rush to get white collar jobs, what was the driving force behind setting up your own business?

Money (…laughs). I have this special lifestyle I’ve dreamt of living since I was a kid and I realised that working for someone isn’t the right way of getting there. While growing up, I was told that if you love to eat something, then you must be ready to prepare it yourself.

Which other business ventures do you own?

We have an arm called Onilu Consulting which handles consultancy services for start-up businesses. We have consulted for over 30 start-ups in Nigeria. Asides this, there is Onilu Media which handles media jobs ranging from photography to graphic designing.

From your point of view, has Ibadan been receptive enough for your business?

It has been okay so far. We started from being an online store to having two actual ones and there are already plans of opening two more before the year closes out. Ibadan people have money which makes it a fertile ground for business. You only need to give them a good reason why they should spend their money.

If you could start all over, what would you have done differently?

So many things…I used to bake very well some time ago and believe it or not, I am quite the cook. I tell people that my amala is the best in the world! (soft and succulent). So personally I think I would have done well in catering.

Tell us one thing about you that nobody knows.

I told you, I’m an excellent cook.

How do you relax in the City?

You’ll most likely find me at any of the cinemas. I also lounge at the Latitude Café.

Where is Favourite amala Spot in the City?

(Excitedly switches to Yoruba)…Ah Skye lolo ni o! Also known as OseOlohun Food Canteen beside Skye Bank.

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