“Ibadan is my home away from home. My dad is from Ibadan, and I’ve always seen myself relating to Ibadan.”

Simi Adejumo

When Simi Adejumo aka Simidrey decided to move back to Nigeria from the UK after completing her degrees in Broadcasting, Journalism, and Communications at Glyndwr University, she had a mission in mind, to dominate the Nigerian entertainment industry. However, her love for the creative arts didn’t fully develop until the completion of her programmes at the university.  From presenting on air, producing, acting and modelling this quadruple threat is on the fast track to entertainment media takeover. Simi drey’s story is one of vision mixed with clarity and good timing. Anyone should be inspired to just do it and take that leap of faith because you never know, you just might land on fame and glory.

Tell us, what inspired your love for television and media entertainment?

Initially, I was on track to studying psychology, but after I sent in my application I realized I didn’t think I had the patience to deal with people’s problems for the rest of my life. I mean I have my own problems (she laughs with all genuineness).

Many complain about not getting jobs upon returning to Nigeria. What was moving back like for you?

I came back in November and I started registering for my NYSC. My plan was to do NYSC and if I could find a job within that year I’d stay and if not I’d go back. But before I actually officially started NYSC my mum heard an advert on cool FM about their TV station looking for presenters. So I went with my CV and I was like, please hire me! And I got the job. It was absolutely terrifying, I didn’t think I was ready for it but at the end of the day all I needed to do was put on a smile and say the first thing that came to my head hoping it made sense. I was with them for almost 2 years. Now I’ve started working with Spice TV and have a show “Bargain Hunters” airing at the moment.

What connects you to Ibadan?

Ibadan is my home away from home. My dad is from Ibadan, and I’ve always seen myself relating to Ibadan. Every time I came to Nigeria I would stay in Ibadan and my high school was in Ibadan. I went to ISI for 3 years so Ibadan is more of home to me than Lagos even though I now work in Lagos. Even though I grew up In London, Ibadan still feels like home to me. I love how everything is so chilled, how there’s no traffic, I love that I can get from one end of Ibadan to the other in 30 minutes. And I think I love the mentality of the people. Everyone is friendlier; I think in Lagos everyone has more of a sort of façade, that front.

What is in the works for you moving forward with your career?

I model as well, so I’ve been doing a few modeling jobs. I’ve modeled for GTB and other companies, now I’ve started dabbling into acting so I’ve just finished doing a production with Ebony Life TV “The Governor” and that should be out soon. When that comes out that will be my first debut as an actress in Nigeria. I’m so excited.

How have you evolved as a presenter in comparison to when you were “fresh off the boat?”

I think I’m definitely more confident; I definitely have a specific style of presenting whereas at first, I was still trying to find my feet. Now I know how to read a script and still make it my own. I just want to achieve more success in all the fields I do; I want to start my own business as well which I won’t talk about now but by the end of the year I want to have set up and started running it. But yeah, I just want to be better.

What would you advise up and coming presenters and aspiring ones?

If media is your dream, I would advise you to get as much experience as you can in university. University is the best period to make the most of yourself and to get your CV up and running. I would say to keep yourself grounded; your true friends will always remain your true friends but along the line, you might find some people changing, but keep being strong, keep doing what you do and keep doing your best.

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