“Most people don’t know I’m from Ibadan”


If you didn’t know, contemporary afro-soul/jazz singer, Aramide Sarumoh is not your typical everyday artiste. It took less than five minutes with this amazing songstress to realise that she is an embodiment of talent, beauty, and brains. IBCITY INFO recently had a quick chat with the 2015 Headies winner.

Can you introduce yourself?

I am Aramide Sarumoh, I am a soul/jazz artiste. I play the guitar as well as the saxophone. Most people don’t know this but I am actually from Ibadan.

How did you come about your passion for music?

I grew up in a music oriented family and that is where I developed my love for music. I have been writing songs since my high school days so music has always been part of me for a long time now.

What can you say about the state of entertainment in Ibadan?

Ibadan is definitely coming up. There are more artistes coming out of the city and making it out there. Also, Ibadan is playing host more frequently to different entertainment shows and events and the best part of it is the improved response from the people. For example, Gbenga Adeyinka’s Laffmattaz had an impressive turnout and that is certainly a positive thing.

How would you describe your kind of music?

I love soul and jazz music; I think they suit my kind of person. I like to tell stories and Afro-soul affords me the opportunity to do so.

How does it feel to know you have fans in Ibadan?

It is fantastic. It is a nice feeling hearing people sing along to my songs.

What’s your favourite meal when you come into town?

…(laughs) Amala of course!

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