You have made a name for yourself directing mega-hit videos for top celebrities. How did this journey start and what inspired it?

My flare for music was noticeable to everyone.  I would rush to watch the videos of my favourite songs and picture what my videos would look like if I produced the music videos.  So, after university, I went for a motion picture course in South Africa.

What are your ties to Ibadan and how has that shaped your artistic pursuits and vision?

I was born in Ibadan, went to school in Ibadan, and I am from Ibadan.

How challenging was it penetrating the industry and now that you are in it how hard is it to stay at the top of your game?

The industry is very competitive. I started as an editor to Tosin Igho and Patrick Elis. I edited videos such as Wiz kid’s show you the money, Iyanya’s kukere, Praiz’ mercy and much more. Working with them only made me come out stronger and enabled my dream to become a reality.

What are some of the challenges directing videos has in Nigeria and how do you work around some of those problems ensuring you produce something you can stand behind creatively and industry standard wise?

Challenges only make you stronger and better.  Location scouting, managing people and time in production are critical and a few times it hasn’t been an easy task, but it has only helped me to see things in different perspective, that has helped enhance my work.

Are you currently working on anything new and could you share some of your upcoming projects with us?

I recently shot Sexy Steel’s video for his upcoming singles. I also have a video I directed for PSA productions a Banky W company and a lot of other jobs coming out soon. So keep a look out.

What is your trajectory for your career in the next five years? Where do you see yourself?

I see myself running a very big production house, creating music, music videos, and entertainment generally for the enjoyment of people. I also see myself as a household name in motion pictures globally.

What is your favourite Amala spot whenever you’re in town? We’re taking a poll, and we’d love to know your choice of restaurant?

Skye bank Bodija does it.

What makes Ibadan special to you?

The roofs, the landmass, the people are unique, that’s what makes Ibadan special.

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