16 year old Folarin Alabi is an enigma; a resilient young man slowly building himself a reputation as one of the best young curators in Nigeria. He is the CEO of Craft Shopper, a platform committed to the promotion of art and crafts in Ibadan and Nigeria at large. Folarin's sole ambition is to create a confluence of buyers and sellers for the production and display of all forms of art expressions including modelling, visual arts (painting, drawing, ceramics) etc. His passion stems from his earlier inability to successfully sell his artworks. Upon making findings, he discovered that older artists are constantly lamenting about the difficulty of attracting the right customers. Taking this as a worthy challenge, Folarin sets out to solve an age-long disease crippling the creative arts market in Nigeria.

Working hand in hand with renowned artist, art educator and American-Nigerian author, Efe Ronald Chesterfield, Folarin hopes to make a difference in the world of arts and one day fulfill his dreams as they 'dream team' up to take Craft Shopper and Nigerian art global. So far, they have built a bridge which they hope will close the gap between Nigerian artists and willing customers.  Folarin doesn't think age is restrictive when it comes to art and he attributes his greatest strength to be his creative insight and artistic criticism which he feels encourages the production of high quality arts and the sharpening of skills.

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