Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, Ed Skrein, T. J. Miller, and Stefan Kapičić
Director: Tim Miller

**Warning, this may contain spoilers

Short Synopsis: Former Special-Forces agent turned mercenary, Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) riddled with cancer submits himself to an off record treatment which has both good and bad side effects. The good part gives him the extraordinary power of healing fast and the bad effect is severe disfigurement.

Like millions around the world I hurled myself quickly and without ado to the cinema (Filmhouse, Samonda) when the latest of Marvel’s superhero franchise, Deadpool came into town and to say the movie is an amazing piece of brilliance will be a total gross understatement on my part.
The movie had in its opening weekend squashed box office records grossing a total of $300M which quite frankly piqued my interest, and that Ryan Reynolds played the leading role only intensified my curiosity given that this was the same guy who royally botched Green Lantern and all its memories for me (Newsflash! I may be a comic nerd). However, whatever doubts I may have had about Reynolds and his competency in this role quickly got dispelled, one lewd punchline after the other. Man was born to play this role! 
Speaking of roles, Reynold plays the weird, twisted and cynical Deadpool, a disfigured and cynical mercenary who likes to crack wise, bust heads and wear spandex (of course). Before then, he was Wade Wilson, an ex special forces operative who fell in love with a golden hearted prostitute (rolls eyes) played by Morena Baccarin (from Gotham). Unfortunately Wade got diagnosed with cancer and in a bid to find a cure he submitted himself to a bizarre experiment which cured the cancer but left him scarred and with incredible superpowers (including Wolverine’s regenerative ability). Armed with these powers, Wade decides he wants his body back and what follows is a spellbinding hour of extremely graphic, hilarious, action-packed scenes that ranks Deadpool as arguably the best movie of 2016 (so far).
At 108 minutes, the movie was quite particularly short for me as I was not emotionally ready for it to end so soon. The action scenes were vivid and kept me rooted to the edge of my seats (Can I see this in 3D please?) plus the movie did not need to overly rely on its action scenes alone as the dialogue was entertaining and did enough on its own to hold my attention all the way.
Quick heads up, if you felt Deadpool is yet another action packed family friendly movie to take the family to, think again. The action sequences so violent and unflinching, and the humour so crude and twisted, it’s no wonder it was rated “R”.  All in all, I guarantee this is certainly worth a few hours of your time.

P.S – You may want to stay behind in your seats for the post-credits. Thank me later.

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