[Note: This is a mostly spoiler-free review.]
Unlike my brother, I'm a big, big fan of superhero movie franchises. The genre has produced a number of genuinely great works during its short stint at the pinnacle of pop culture and I'm a  firm believer that it offers not only entertainment but also tremendous artistic and cultural value to those who would take advantage of it. Superheroes are meant to imbibe us with a sense of justice, give us carthasis, make us laugh and challenge our perceptions of what is right and wrong. Sadly, they can also be anticlimactic, intellectually insulting, maglinant and  loathsome, then you wind up with a movie like Dawn of Justice.
Ever since DC made the announcement about this movie some two years ago i have been constantly rubbing my hand, checking my calendar (and youtube for trailers), eagerly waiting in anticipation and when Filmhouse Samonda started premiered the movie, i could hardly contain my excitement. So you can understand the extent of my dissapointment when what I thought would be the biggest comic blockbuster ever made quickly turned out to be nothing but a non-event.
In what is perhaps the biggest superhero mash up ever, Batman vs Superman is nothing but a humourless, dour standoff between an aging Bruce Wayne and a moping Clark Kent with Wonder Woman being the only smattering of hope. The entire movie hinges on a plot that manages to be at once overcomplicated yet so simplistic, I wouldn't be surprised if it was adopted from Queen Primera.
Gotham and Metropolis are imagined as twin cities, sort of like Ibadan and Lagos (jokes shey?). The movie begins with the Metropolis-leveling showdown from "Man of Steel" between Superman (Henry Cavill) and General Zod (Michael Shannon) from the POV of Bruce Wayne/Batman (Ben Affleck), who witnessed the barrage of destruction caused by the two aliens from Krypton. Batman thus comes to regard Superman, not as a kind-hearted saviour most of the world see him as, but rather an unknown quantity who could wreck of death and destruction on earth if or when he feels - and wonders what his true intentions are. Thanks to eccentric tech billionaire, Lex Luthor (who apparently knows the identity of both superheroes and wants to pit them against each other), a showdown between these two is inevitable. Sadly if you, like me were waiting for a big badass showdown between the two superheroes, you're going to leave sorely disappointed. The entire 2hrs 30 something minutes was nothing more than a lengthy trailer designed to introduce the Justice League for the next wave of DC movies.
Batman vs Superman is wrapped under a jumble of half baked plots with more holes in it than the Benin-Ore road. The entire movie lacks heart, humour and spectacle and even 72 hours after seeing it, I still can't make out the moral of the movie.It seemed uninterested in telling its story rather resorting to overamplified CGI and leaving its audience to fill in the missing blanks. 
Despite my lingering resentment, the movie wasn't entirely a disaster. Ben Afflecks portrayal of Batman was commendable (although Alfred is no longer a Butler). He gave Batman a gravitas that matches Bale in Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy while Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman makes for an intriguing proposition. Graphically, you can always trust Zack Znyder to deliver - the man may not understand the concept of dialogue but he is a beautiful visual artist who knows how to set up and compose a frame. But you need more than just the pictures, you need characters, dialogue and emotions and his characters all seemed immune to all of these.
In conclusion, i wouldn't dare say BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE is a travesty wrapped in disaster inside an obscenity but it's close enough though, and in the big epic showdown between DC comic's greatest characters, its Wonder Woman who to come out on top.


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