For those Ibadan born and bred, navigating through traffic either by foot or car is as easy as eating bread with akara. But for those new to the confusion that is Ibadan traffic, finding one's way through can be a harrowing experience.

There is an art to safely crossing from one side of the road to the other in Ibadan. 


This guide, put together by yours truly,  should help you find a way to cross safely in one piece:


1. Preparation is key: Mentally and physically prepare yourself before crossing the road. Especially when crossing busy streets in the city. Somehow, vehicles seem to come from all sides and appear out of nowhere so keep your eyes opened wide and your mind alert.


2. There is strength in numbers: Find and stick to other fellow 'crossers'. Especially at certain busy streets, there are always a good number of people crossing from one side of the road to the other at any given time. Join in and follow step one above. Crazed Ibadan motorists are less likely to charge at a group of pedestrians crossing the road as opposed to just one.


3. Try not to panic: Seeing a large mass of metal barreling towards you at top speed can be frightening,  but try to not let it get to you. Keep calm and walk/ run across.


4. Just keep moving: Picture that scene in Finding Nemo where Dora the amnesiac fish keeps saying over and over, "Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming". When crossing the road in Ibadan, you can't get halfway across and change your mind to turn back. You have to just keep crossing. You don't want to be caught in confused movement between a car and a bus or whatever vehicle that might be on the road.


5. Last but not least, wait: If the blaring of car horns and screeching of car tyres somehow seems to overwhelm you, just stay at the side of the road where you can be somewhat safe, and wait. Gather composure first, then move. But try not to take too long when waiting by the side of the road. Chances are a vehicle will come oust you from your spot soon enough.


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