I stare at my wardrobe on most mornings wondering what I can wear that I won’t later regret by midday. These days, I’m usually dressed in formal black and white during the weekdays due to the fact that I am a law student at the University of Ibadan. However on weekends, my penchant switches to simple attires like a low cut traditional dress complete with sandals or shoes or perhaps a breezy blouse and shorts depending on how I’m feeling.

The reason for being so attentive to my choice of fashion of late isn’t necessarily because I’m vain but rather because of the weather has become unpredictable and in many cases, unbearable. Early in the morning in the city, the weather is usually cool, slightly cold and never hot but before you can say Oduduwa, the entire outdoors changes into a giant oven; homeostasis takes over, our body starts spilling so much sweat and woe betide anyone who’s not around an air conditioner or fan at such a moment. To prevent the weather sneaking up on you like this, it is important to be careful with your lifestyle choices across all aspects.

In terms of fashion for example, I’ve rearranged my wardrobe in such a way that my soft airy clothing are now the most assessable of my clothing. When I’m going out, I wear only the most comfortable shoes or sandals. I have reduced my make-up usage to little or none while also reducing my hair thus letting my scalp breathe. Also, if you can, have your bath twice a day.

P.S If you cannot carry an umbrella because it doesn’t fit into your hand bag or dressing, or you do not have one, you can opt for a face cap or sunglasses; they are unmistakably the most important kit for this weather. 


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